30 Day Pushup Challenge For Beginners – A to Z Guide

30 Day Pushup Challenge

As a matter of fact, fitness worth more than everything and push ups is the key to fitness. To be sure push up is full body workout that you can do at your home easily. If you are a beginner and want to build muscles then I’ll suggest you this 30 day pushup challenge. That is very impressive and having extraordinary results.

Workout Myths You Don’t Know.

Before starting the pushup workout I am going to share some facts. In reality, about 90% people start workout but they don’t continue it. This time, you are thinking why these people compromise with their fitness and quit? The answer is simple, lack of motivation. Yes, motivation is the greatest reason behind every success. Of course, there will be a great inspiration. Don’t start any type of workout until you have a proper motive.

On the other hand, beginners go to a gym, they work hard but only a few days. That is strange but it’s also real they don’t take it long-term. Here is another myth you may not know. When you start any type of work out your muscles pull out and you face muscle fatigue. This fatigue causes different sort of pain in your body. For this reason, people leave the gym and other physical activities in their start. It is important to realize that this pain is temporary. Generally speaking, if you continue your workout a couple of more days, the pain will be no more. This 30 day pushup challenge is very interesting and a person can easily complete this challenge.

Why 30 Day Pushup Challenge?

1-Push Up Workout Cover Your Full Body

The first thing to remember, there are a number of muscles in your body and push up is the only exercise that covers the complete body. The main focus of push up workout is on your abs, arms, chest, and lower bod

2-Build Strength And Lose Fat

This is another key point of doing push ups. If you are overweight and planning to lose your weight then this is the best exercise to make you stronger and burn your fats.

3-Improve Your Stamina

If you continue this simple exercise then this will be beneficial for improving your stamina and energy.

4-Build Chest Muscle Fast

If you are looking for a chest workout then pushups are the best way to build chest muscles.Pushups are the essential part of athlete’s training program.

Warm up before push-ups

Warm up before any workout keeps you safe from injuries. If you are going push up exercise in the morning then warm up is essential before this pushup workout. On the other hand, if you are doing this workout during the day then you can do a push-up without any warm up.

Which warm up exercise you go before push-up?

Jumping jack is the best warm up exercise. Further, you can warm up your body by stretching your shoulders. I’ll suggest you warm up your body before going to the workout.

The Best 30 day pushup challenge

1st week

On the positive side, this 30 day pushup challenge is to design in very different style and you will enjoy this challenge. The first week based on 5 days workout and 2 days rest. The first thing to remember that in this week you will face many problems but you don’t need to worry. This time, I am going to tell you how to face those complications.

  1. In the first place, set a goal that should simple and short. Then commit yourself that you are going to complete the 1st-week challenge.
  2. In the first week, you will get no result because it is just the beginning and you have to work more to get results. Most of the people just quiet because they don’t get the result in the start.
  3. In the start, you will bear the pain and encourage yourself to complete the challenge.week 1 – 30 day pushup challenge

2nd week

This week will be very easy and interesting for you because the muscles of your body are already in use. Again set a goal for this week and cheer yourself that you have to complete this challenge. With few extra push ups, you will easily complete this week. This week has 5 working days and you have to rest 3 days.week 2 – 30 day pushup challenge for beginners

3rd week

You will see a clear difference in your physique in this week. Don’t give up, make a goal again, do well and feel the improvement. Best 30 day pushup challenge

4th week

This is the last week of your 30 day pushup challenge and after that, you will feel proud. During the extra reps, you face some trouble but don’t admit defeat and complete this step. Best 30 day pushup challenge

The last two days

In last 2 days, you have to jump from 42 reps to 50. This is a bit hard to see but when you complete the 4-week workout this will be very easy for you to do 50 reps in a row.

This is very easy 30 day pushup challenge and defiantly you can do it. Again I’ll suggest you find a massive purpose before going for any type of workout.

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