11 Unbelievable Almonds Health Benefits, Nutritional Breakdown

Unbelievable Almonds Health Benefits

Almond is one of the healthiest dry fruit on the planet that is truly important for your health. Studies admitted that almonds are the full bundle of important nutrients. In this article, we will discuss some health benefits of almonds. Before starting the almonds health benefits I will share some facts that will blow your mind.

Almonds have a very strong life for this reason you can refrigerate almonds up to 2 years. Second thing is that there are 90% saturated fats in almonds. This is a good news for you that you can consume almonds without being anxious about fat. The next fact is my favorite, the chocolate consumers utilize more than 40% almonds of the world to make delicious chocolate. Let’s get to the point now, Vitamin E, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin B, and Dietary fibers are the important nutrients of almonds. As a matter of fact, there are more than 30 varieties of almonds but for only 11 varieties are produced for utilization. Without delay, I am going to share 11 health benefits of almonds.


You can not challenge the almonds health benefits. Various studies have shown that almonds are the attractive source of Vitamin E that protects your cell membranes. In like manner, this is a good source of antioxidants that helps you to stay fit. This is important to realize that these health benefits of almond are totally confirmed.


Almonds are one of the heart-friendly foods that provide many other health benefits. As I mentioned above, almonds are rich in saturated fat that have a positive effect on heart health. According to the study, fatty acid and antioxidants in almonds support your heart. Another study found that almonds help to maintain cholesterol level. In addition, almonds prevent the wall damage of blood arteries. So you can say that keeping safe your heart in one of the almonds health benefits.


Yes, almonds improve the memory and boost the brain power as well. Almonds are rich in lean protein which not only gives you physical strength but also improves the cognitive function. In like manner, zinc in almonds is responsible for boosting your immune and protects the brain cells. In addition, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E also have a great impact on brain function. So these all nutrients in almonds are good for your brain. In case you want to improve your memory, add nuts in your morning snack and feel the difference.


Studies have shown that almonds positively impact on your complexion. Antioxidants and important vitamins in almonds prevent the skin cells from damage. In addition vitamins of almonds maintains the softness of the skin and protect it from sun’s rays. This time I am going to share a remedy of almond that will improve your complexion and remove suntan.


  • Raw Milk – 5 tbsp
  • Almond Powder – 2 tbsp


  1. Add milk in a small container, mix almond powder properly that will form a smooth paste. Now apply this paste on your face for 15 minutes and let it dry. After the given time, wash your face with cool water and feel the difference.


According to the study of Kochenbach, almonds can reduce the blood sugar and the level of insulin. Another study published in Metabolism clearly shows that only 50g daily intake of almonds lower the level of insulin and glucose. According to the Journal of American College of Nutrition, almonds can raise the insulin sensitivity in the case of prediabetes. In addition, almonds are rich in magnesium which reduce the risk of developing diabetes, studies confirmed. For this reason, you can say diabetes control is one of the almonds health benefits.


This time you might think that almonds are rich in fatty acid. But this is your misconception because studies have shown that almonds are great for weight reduction. This is important to resize that almonds are rich in omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids that are helpful for weight loss. According to the several studies saturated fats in almonds helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases. In addition, the outer layer of almonds contains dietary fibers which help in food digestion. In case you want to get almonds health benefits and you need to lose your weight follow these instructions.

Try almonds in your breakfast, you can chop almonds and add them to your different dishes to get the almonds health benefits. In like manner, fill your pocket with almonds and use them in your office, college or home. This is important to realize to get the benefits of almonds this is required to eat them with their skin.


The super food almond is a great source of Vitamin E, calcium and other important nutrients that lower bad cholesterol. Studies have confirmed that bad cholesterol level can reduce up to 10% with a specific consumption of almonds. In case you want to reduce your bad cholesterol level up to 10%, you will consume about 70 g almonds a day. This amount is about half cup. As a matter of fact, the calorific value of almonds is very high. For this reason, this is a suggestion to avoid the consumption of almonds more than a cup.


Calcium is the richest mineral of our body which is essential for bones teeth as well. A proper intake of calcium is very important for bones and teeth. Make your teeth and bones stronger is one of the almonds health benefits, studies confirmed. According to a research, only a half cup of almonds fulfilled the 18% recommended calcium consumption value. Further, this calcium amount helps you to lose weight and improves heart health as well.


According to the study named as ” Journal of Nutrition”, you can increase the energy of the body by boosting the protein intake in your diet. As a matter of fact, almonds are rich in protein. For this reason, almonds are great for boosting your metabolism and control the calorie intake. On the other hand, almonds are also rich in fiber and this is the key nutrient for digestion.


We have discussed many health benefits of almonds and we know that almonds are rich in several essential nutrients. In case you are not allergic to almonds and your doctor allows the intake of almonds than this is the best diet during pregnancy. This is because almonds are not only a delicious but also provide essential nutrients that are required for a pregnancy. As a matter of fact, almonds are rich in Fiber, Vitamin E, Calcium, Magnesium, and Folate that are ideal for a healthy pregnancy.


Studies have shown that polyunsaturated, mono fatty acids, vitamin A, D, B1, B2, and B6 are those important nutrients in almonds that strength and nourish the hairs. In like manner magnesium in almonds promotes the hair growth and reduce hair fall. In case you want to try almonds to treat hair loss follow these simple steps. All you need is almonds oil and neem oil in the same quantity and mix them. Apply this oil on your scalp and massage, cover your hair with something and leave them overnight. Next morning you can wash your head and feel the difference.


You will surprise to know that almonds can reduce high body temperature. This is important to realize that almonds contain alkaline elements that are very toxic. These alkaline elements are a barrier for some viruses, bacteria that causes fever. In case you want to see this magic, apply some amount of almond oil to the body to reduce the body temperature a little bit.

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