Broccoli – 8 Health Benefits, Nutrition, Tips and Risks

Broccoli - 8 Health Benefits, Nutrition, Tips and Risks

Basically broccoli is a type of cauliflower. This green colored vegetable is extremely beneficial for the health of a human being. You can cook this vegetable with different spices or it can be eaten raw. Also, it is useful in every way. Other than that, this vegetable belongs to the plant species which called “Brassica Oleracea”. On the other hand, broccoli contains many nutrients. These nutrients are useful in many diseases. Furthermore, broccoli is a power house of bio-active compounds, minerals and vitamins. If you eat it in raw form, your body gets a lot of vitamin C. And vitamin C is extremely good for eyes and health. Moreover, broccoli also contains protein, iron, fiber, potassium, calcium, selenium and magnesium. It is good for heart, eyes, bones and some other organs. If a person eats right amount of this amazing vegetable, he can be protected from many chronic diseases.

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Health Benefits of Broccoli

1- Broccoli can Strengthen Bones

Bones Health Benefits of Broccoli

Broccoli is extremely good for different bones problems. If the bones of a person are weak or broccoli may be the best treatment. As well as, is is also good for teeth. The people whose bones are weak and they can’t take proper diet due to their busy schedule, can use it. Also, this green vegetable is good for joints. Other than that, joint pain is common in the elderly. Because in old age, bones get weaken and cause joints pain. In this case, if elders use broccoli, they will be very relieved. Because it contains a lot of nutrients, it can be a great remedy to get rid of joints pain and can strengthen weaken bones. In addition, this is vegetable is like a mini tree which contains calcium so it produce collagen. Due to these nutrients it is capable to strong bones.

2- Protects Skin from Sunburn

Sunburn Health Benefits of Broccoli

This refreshing vegetable contains bio-active compounds. This compound protects skin from UV radiation damage. which leads to skin cancer. If skin faced too much UV radiation, it can cause skin cancer. Other than that, it is a great source of vitamin C. Due to vitamin C, body produce collagen that is extremely good for skin and body. On the other hand, if you consume too the right amount of broccoli, your skin can be protected from wrinkles and sunburn. According to the research and studies, the people who use broccoli in their daily diet, risk of skin cancer is very less in those people. On the other hand, the people who don’t use it, can be a victim of skin cancer. Therefore, it is not just a delicious vegetable but can be a great protective shield against skin cancer and other skin diseases.

3- Beneficial for Brain Health


If a person suffers from depression or his brain does not work properly, then broccoli is no less than a blessing for him. It contains a lot of nutrients. Also, every nutrient that is contain necessary for human brain and health. It provides a healthy brain and body. Whole green vegetables and fruits are very useful for the brain. The people who use green vegetables daily are more intelligent and healthy than other people. Also, children who go to school should especially use broccoli. So their brain functions better. In addition, students from all walks of life can use broccoli to improve their mental abilities. On the other hand, the ability of brain to function is affected by deficiencies that occur with age. In this case, the use of broccoli can be extremely beneficial for both body and brain health.

4- Prevent Cancer

Cancer Health Benefits of Broccoli

Broccoli can prevent the risk of cancer due to its antioxidants. It contains almost every nutrient which is necessary for health of a human being. People who are afraid of cancer should definitely consume this vegetable. It also contains different bio-active compounds which can reduce cell damage. Other than that, it provide protective shield against chronic diseases. Further, the people who eat a reasonable amount of this vegetable daily have a very low risk of cancer. Besides that, it is also helpful in preventing cancer. The sulforaphane in it prevents cancer cells from growing. It is a compound that destroys cancer-promoting cells. If you want, you can use any vegetable or fruit that contains this compound. But if you use broccoli, you will get many more benefits with its excellent taste.

5- Strengthens the Immune System

Immune System

The body needs a good and strong immune system to fight any disease. If a person’s immune system is not strong, he cannot fight diseases. A weak immune system can be very dangerous. It can cause a lot of health problems. People who do not take care of their health also have a weakened immune system. Broccoli contains every nutrient which can strengthens immune system. A strong immune system can beat even cancer. Furthermore, vitamin C is essential for boosting immunity. Along with vitamin C, there are also some essential nutrients that are found in abundance in broccoli. Along with vitamin C, there are also some essential nutrients that are found in abundance in broccoli. These nutrients give the body so much energy that your body is fully prepared to fight diseases. When body get proper diet and nutrients, your immune system will be very strong also.

6- Broccoli is Good for Digestion


If a person has indigestion, he should be treated immediately. Because, if the digestive system is not healthy, it can cause colon cancer. Although it rarely occurs, but treatment is still necessary. Broccoli is the best remedy for this purpose. Also, broccoli is a dietary fiber that helps to promote regularity. It is a good home remedy to prevent constipation. It also makes stomach functioning smooth. According to studies, people who consume broccoli frequently have very few digestive problems. As well as, some people have no digestive problem at all. On the other hand, the people who don’t consume broccoli or any other thing which contain fiber, have a lot of bowel or stomach problems. Just one cup of broccoli a day can protect you from many diseases that can cause great harm. Even if you don’t have time from your busy schedule, be sure to eat a proper meal.

7. Broccoli can Control Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar

Broccoli contains a large quantity of sulforaphane. Due to this compound, your sugar level can be controlled. The people who have diabetes and want to prevent this chronic disease, they should eat broccoli on daily basis. Furthermore, it can control normal sugar and even blood sugar. This amazing vegetable provide so many nutrients. These nutrients provide protection against chronic diseases such as blood pressure, heart problems and diabetes. Diabetes is more common in people who do not consume fiber. People who consume fiber on a daily basis have a much lower risk of diabetes. That’s why, broccoli is good for diabetes because it contains a lot of fiber. If you consume broccoli in appropriate amount daily, your sugar level will be controlled. If blood sugar patients start consuming broccoli daily, they will get the best results within a month.

8. Keeps protected from Heart Diseases

Heart Diseases Health Benefits of Broccoli

This green colored vegetable is also capable to prevent the risk of atherosclerosis. Because, atherosclerosis. can damage arteries and can cause heart attack or stroke. Broccoli is beneficial due to its antioxidants and nutrients. When the nutrients in this vegetable are goes in the body, you are protected from many diseases. It also contains potassium and sodium which can prevent the risk of blood pressure. It also protects blood vessels so your body remain safe from blood and heart diseases. On the other hand, it is capable to reduce the cholesterol level in body. Although, if cholesterol level go high from normal level, it can cause heart diseases. Therefore, if you start eating broccoli on daily basis, you will never need to use expensive medicines to prevent heart diseases.


Broccoli is most famous because of its nutrients. It contains almost all the essential nutrients. These nutrients are extremely good for human body. There is no nutrient that is not good for health. Rather, only one cup of broccoli can provides you all necessary benefits and keeps you fit and healthy.

  • 6 grams Carbohydrates
  • 24.3 Calories
  • 2.6 grams Protein
  • 1.82 gram Folate
  • 35 mg Calcium
  • 2.4 grams Fiber
  • 0.3 grams Fat
  • 6.08 micro-grams Vitamin A
  • 40.5 mg Vitamin C
  • 0.11 mg Vitamin E
  • 77.5 micro-gram Vitamin K
  • 50.9 mg Phosphorus
  • 566 micro-gram Lutein and zeaxanthin
  • 70.7 micro-gram Beta-carotene


  • Always keep broccoli in the refrigerator without washing. Because washed broccoli can be spoiled. Also, if you store broccoli after washing, it may change color and lose its specific crisp.
  • Also, whenever you go to buy broccoli, buy bright green broccoli. Because broccoli that is yellow or white in color can be harmful to health.
  • You can eat broccoli in raw form. Also, you can cooked it with different spices. It totally depends on you. Although, raw form is more beneficial for health.
  • People who are underweight should definitely use broccoli. People who are underweight should definitely use this vegetable. Other than that, the raw form will also beneficial to gain weight.


  • For people who use certain types of drugs or medicines, this vegetable can be quite harmful for them. Because it contains vitamin K, which is quite dangerous for those people. It is better for such people do not use broccoli.
  • There are many people who are allergic to green vegetables. There are many people who are allergic to green vegetables. In case of carelessness, situation can be out of control.

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