Cashew Nuts Health Benefits – 13 Surprising Facts

Cashew Nuts Health Benefits

Kaju is another name of cashews nuts which considered good for your health. Cashews nuts not only sweet and buttery but also full of important nutrients. In this article, I will share cashew nuts health benefits that will definitely blow your mind. Before discussing the health benefits of cashews this is important to know its nutrition. The kidney shaped cashews contain a high amount of copper, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, and manganese. All the health benefits of cashews are associated with these major nutrients. Studies have discovered that cashews nuts contain over 80 important nutrients. Let’s discuss the cashew nuts health benefits.

Cashew Nuts Health Benefits – Evidence Based

You will surprise to know that in recent few years the consumption of cashews nuts has grown in western countries due to cashew health benefits. Some important health benefits of cashews are presented below.

1- Cashews Are Good For Hypertension

As I discuss above that cashews are rich in potassium and magnesium. Both of these nutrients play an important role in dealing with hypertension. According to the study of Indiana University, consumption of cashews can lower the high blood pressure. The recommended amount of magnesium is about 270 mg to deal with hypertension. This time you will awake to know that a handful cashews contain 292 mg of magnesium that is equal to the recommended value. High blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the serious disorders that can damage your blood arteries and different organs as well. With a proper diet and regular physical activity, you can beat high blood pressure. In case you want to lower your blood pressure, add cashews nut in your diet.

2- Improves Digestion

Dealing with constipation and other painful gastrointestinal conditions is one of the cashew nuts health benefits. As a matter of fact, constipation is such an embracing problem which affects about 80% population of America, survey. According to the latest research, only 1-ounce cashews contain 1gram fiber which considered good for constipation relief. In addition, cashews nuts are rich in probiotics which help to improve your digestive track. In case you have constipation and want a solution then a handful cashews nuts a day is enough to deal with digestion.

3- improve Nervous System

As a matter of fact, the nervous system is one of the most complex parts of our body. Cashews nuts play an important role to improve nervous health. This is because the cashews nuts are rich in magnesium. Yes again magnesium, because magnesium has a huge effect on your nervous system. One serving of cashews nut contains 85 mg of magnesium which considered good for your central nervous system.

4- Beat Insomnia

Can’t sleep? Eat cashews. Yes, cashews nuts are rich in tryptophan that is an amino acid which considered good for sleep. In like manner, the high amount of magnesium in cashews that is known as the sleep mineral with tranquilizing effect.

5- Boost Sexual Activites

Improving your sexual health is one of the cashew nuts health benefits. Studies have shown that a significant consumption of cashews fruit juice improves the sexual function. As a matter of fact, cashews nuts are rich in amino acid and arginine. Both of these nutrients help to improve sexual activities. Without delay, Add cashews nuts in your diet to improve sexual power.

6- Can Improve Your Mood

Cashews also contain vitamin B6 that is mood boosting agent. Studies have confirmed that vitamin B6 helps to reduce the level of depression and aggression. In like manner, cashews nuts are high in amino acid which help to boost your mood.

7- Heart Friendly

Studies have shown that regular consumption of cashews can lower the risk of the cardiovascular disorder. As a matter of fact, high blood pressure and the bad cholesterol levels are the main responsible for the heart problem. One thing is clear and we also discuss above that cashews are good for high blood pressure. On the other hand, cashews are one of the naturally cholesterol free nuts. Further, the amount of protein, fiber, and heart-friendly fat is high in cashews which help to protect your heart. Some important nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin B6, folic acid and potassium in cashews nuts also fight against heart disease. So keep safe your heart is one of the cashew nut benefits.

8- Lower The Risk Of Gallstones

Studies have discovered that daily consumption of cashews nut can reduce the risk of gallstones up to 25%.

9- Lower The Risk Of Cancer

Studies have shown that regular consumption of cashews lowers the risk of digestive cancers. This is due to antioxidant properties of cashews such as tocopherols protects your body from free radical damage. According to the latest research, only 40-gram cashews contains 235 calories, 14.5 µg of vitamin K and 0.4 mg of vitamin E which is the best nutrient intake to prevent cancer.

10- Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Fighting against diabetes is one of the cashew nuts health benefits. As a matter of fact, cashews are rich in MUFA fats which slow the speed of releasing blood into the blood stream. In addition, important nutrients such as anacardic acid in cashews helps to stimulate the glucose influence.
On the other hand, it also reduces the level of inflammation which positively affects the insulin resistance. This is important to realize that dealing with other diabetes issues such as cardiovascular risk is one of the cashews health benefits.

11- Promote Healthy Bones

Health benefits of cashew nuts don’t end here. Cashews nuts are high in some important nutrients such as calcium and magnesium. Both of these are the key minerals to promote healthier bones. This is because magnesium is an important cofactor that converts vitamin D into its actual form. For this reason, magnesium lowers the risk of osteoporosis. Because this bone problem caused due to deficiency of vitamin D. On the other hand calcium is an essential mineral that improves your bones.

12- Good For Your Skin

After the zinc and iron, the calcium is the third richest element of our body which found in all the tissues. This element is responsible for the pigmentation of skin and hairs. So improving your skin and hairs color is another one of the cashew nuts health benefits.

13- Help In Weight Loss

You cannot say that cashews directly help in weight loss but indirectly yes cashews nuts can reduce weight. This is because cashews are rich in fiber which considered good for weight loss. Fiber helps you to eat less, studies confirmed. When your calorie intake will be less than calorie consumption, definitely, you are going to the weight loss. Add cashews nut in your diet for weight reduction and enjoy other cashew nut benefits.

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