13 Unbelievable Cherries Health Benefits Will Blow Your Mind

Cherries Health Benefits

Looking for cherries health benefits? You are in the right place because you deserve to be healthy. This article is all about cherries health benefits and I am sure these benefits of cherry will blow your mind.

Cherries belongs to the rose family and delicious due to its juicy flesh, sweet and sharp pungent taste. This tiny fruit is full of essential nutrients which considered good for promoting your health. As a matter of fact, cherries are rich in vitamin A, potassium, sodium and dietary fiber. These all elements play a positive role to maintain your health. In case you are confused to add cherries in your diet then my suggestion is to not waste your time thinking about cherries health benefits. This superfood is packed with extremely important nutrients that are important for your health.

In this article, we will discuss the possible health benefits of cherries. This is important to realize that all benefits of cherry are evidence based.


There are multiple health benefits of cherries and I am sure after reading these cherries health benefits you will add this super-fruit in your diet.


Studies have shown that cherries are rich in heart-friendly antioxidants. In like manner, cherries also contain anthocyanins that lower bad cholesterol level. You will surprise to know that cherries are one of those fruits that lower triglycerides level which is the positive sign for your arteries health. Different studies have discovered that rich hue color of cherries lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases. According to the study of University of Michigan tart cherries reduce the risk of heart attack. For this reason, add cherries in your different dishes to improve your heart health.


Improving digestion is one of the cherries health benefits. This is because cherries are rich in fiber which considered good for your digestive track. Only one cup cherries contain 3g fiber which ic 13% of the recommended amount. Cherries are also high in some antioxidants such as quercetin that play a vital role to improve digestion. Studies have shown that consuming a significant amount of fiber can cure constipation but it is recommended you to not consume more than one cup of cherries a day. Because excessive intake of cherries can be harmful to you.


American Institute for cancer research discovered that cherries are rich several important nutrients that lower the risk of developing cancer. Phytochemicals are one of those important elements of cherries that control the growth of cancer cells. In addition, the cherries are high in dietary fiber that reduces the risk of colorectal cancer.


Yes, weight loss is one of the cherries health benefits. This is because cherries are rich in multiple beneficial nutrients. The dietary fiber of cherries helps to control calorie intake which is a positive sign against obesity. There are 5 calories in a single cheery, U.S. Department of Agriculture confirmed. In the same proportion, one cup of cherries contains 97 calories which consider bad for your weight. The majority of you will think that cherries are one of the high-calorie fruits how will they assist in weight loss? Don’t worry I am going to clear this misconception. As I discuss above cherries are rich in fiber, about 3g of dietary fiber in one cup of cherries. In case you want to lose weight, 4 gram of fiber is an advised amount to consume after 1000 calories intake. For this reason, consumption of cherries can lead you to weight loss.


In 2004 a study confirmed that cherries help to control the level of blood sugar. This is because cherries contain anthocyanins which give them a red color. This is an amazing chemical which considered good for diabetes control. Research-based studies have shown that anthocyanins can boost the insulin production up to 50%. For this reason, consumption of cherries can be beneficial for diabetes patients.


According to the Journal of Medicinal Food, antioxidants and anthocyanins of tart cherries may lower the risk of brain diseases. In like manner, these antioxidants also help to improve mental health. The Oregon Health and Science University discover that consumption of cherries can lower the level of aggression and depression. So add this super fruit in your diet to improve your brain power.


As I mentioned above, cherries are rich in anthocyanins which help to lower the swelling caused by different chronic ailments.


In 2010, a population-based study confirmed that consumption of 20 cherries a day can lower the risk of gout attack up to 40%. The Gout is a painful joint disorder that caused due to uric acid build up. Cherries are rich in Vitamin C that lowers the level of uric acid. In case you have gout it is very necessary to change your diet and lower the consumption of sugar. Consume 20 cherries a day and feel the difference.


The Northumbria University confirmed the cherries health benefits and clearly shown that consumption of cherries lowers the high blood pressure. Another study discovers that drinking Montmorency cherry juice lowers the high blood pressure up to 7%. This is because cherries are rich in phenolic acids which positively deal hypertension.


Improving your optical health is another incredible health benefit of cherries. As a matter of fact, cherries are rich in vitamin A which is an essential element to improve your eye health. You will surprise to know that amount of vitamin A is 20 times more than other fruits like blueberries and strawberries. So add this tiny fruit to improve your eye health and enjoy other cherries health benefits.


Several studies have shown that cherries helps to improve quality and duration of sleep. In case you are suffering from insomnia, drink one cup of cherry juice twice a day and enjoy your sleep. Another European study found that sleeping duration can increase with proper consumption of tart cherry juice. One ounce serving of tart juice twice a day is the recommended amount for insomnia patients.


Health benefits of cherries are not over yet. Yes, improving skin lightening is one of the cherries health benefits. This is because cherries are rich in some essential nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B, antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin E which considered good for improving your skin health. Cherry juice also the best element that fights against dark spots and increases skin lightning. What are you waiting for? Add cherries in your diet and improve your skin. In like manner cherries also play a positive role in triggering hair growth. You will surprise to know that cherries pulp is the best remedy for hair fall and dandruff.


Use of cherries is safe during pregnancy for those who are not allergic to them. Studies have shown that consumption of cherries is absolutely fine and great for preborn baby development. As I mention above, cherries contain several vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber which help to boost your immune system. These all nutrients play to keep fatigue away. Cherries also rich in expectorant which is the best element to deal with a cough and cold related issues. This is important to realize that a cough & cold is dangerous during pregnancy that can increase the pressure on the stomach and destroy baby’s water bag. For this reason, take a turn for some medication or try Common cold home remedies.
Use of cherries during pregnancy is a good idea to promote the growth of a baby.

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