Homemade Lip Balm With Vaseline In 5 Minutes

Homemade Lip Balm

Almost every one of us spent many $ on skin care but we don’t give any attention to our lips. With a little care, you can attain perfect pink lips and it doesn’t take too much time and money. Studies have found that our lips are made up with a lean skin as compared to other parts of the body. That’s the biggest reason that they tend to be cracked easily. On the other hand, human lips contain very fewer oil glands that make them too delicate. Daily use of lip balm is the instant way to get rid of dry, cracked lips. So today I’ll show you how to make homemade lip balm with Vaseline with a very tight budget.

Are You Ready To Make Homemade Lip Balm With Vaseline?

Make Homemade Lip Balm With Vaseline

This is the easiest and inexpensive way to make your own lip balm at home. With a few makeup ingredients and Vaseline, you can make it. There are multiple reasons to chose Vaseline to make your homemade lip balm. Vaseline is the best thing that provides a defensive shield around your lips and hydrates them. Additionally, it fights dead cells and boosts the natural renewal process.

You Will Need

  • A tiny makeup pot
  • Vaseline – 1 tablespoon
  • Lipstick – ¼ inch


  1. Add Vaseline in the makeup pot
  2. Cut ¼ inch piece of lipstick and place to the Vaseline
  3. Put the make pot in hot water to melt the both ingredients, you can also use dryer for this purpose
  4. Mix both ingredients with a toothpick until it comes to a smooth mixture
  5. Homemade Lip Balm is ready, refrigerate it for 20 minutes
  6. Enjoy!
  7. Bonus Tips

I’ll recommend you to follow these points if you to get healthy lips

  1. Drink more water
  2. Take more omega-3 fatty acids
  3. Try sugar as a lip exfoliate
  4. Make your own homemade lip balm with Vaseline and apply before bed
  5. Don’t wear lipstick too long
  6. Avoid balms with mint and cinnamon
  7. Stay away from old lip cosmetics

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