Lemon Peel – Amazing Benefits, Nutrition Tips and Risk

Lemon Peel

Lemon peel is extremely beneficial for a human body. If you eat lemon peel, your bones can be strong than other people. Because, lemon peel is a power house of vitamin C and calcium. It can play a vital role to keep a person healthy. Other than that, some people have bones related problem. These problems can be serious diseases such as poly-arthritis, inflammatory, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. On the other hand, some people say that lemon peel is not good for health. But, it is not true. Lemon peel is completely safe for health. Also, it is very useful for bones and health of a human being. Further, it contains minerals, vitamins and fiber in a huge amount. Other than that, you can use lemon peel to get rid of insects and bugs from your house. Therefore, lemon peel is a useful thing and very healthy for human body.

Amazing Benefits of Lemon Peel

1- Best for Immune System

Lemon peel is very good for immune system. It can boost your immune system due to flavonoids and vitamin C. There are many diseases that are caused by a weakened immune system. The people who have strong immune system, can face many diseases. Therefore, if you eat lemon peels, it provide you great strength to your immune system. The most important thing in the body is to have a strong immune system. Because only strong immunity can protect the human body from diseases. Many seasonal illnesses, epidemics and other peak ailments cannot be harmful because of a strong immune system. Other than that, lemon peel contains dietary fiber. This fiber is especially good for digestion. Also, because it provide vitamin C so your body can fight against harmful infections. In addition, vitamin C also accumulates in phagocytes. It is a cell which provide protection from harmful compounds.

2- Lower the Risk of Cancer

According to research, all fruits and vegetables that contain sour taste and citrus are very useful in eliminating cancer. Lemon is one of those useful vegetables. Also, its peel is also very beneficial. If you use lemon peel in your foods, you will be protected from cancer. You can use it in any way. It is not necessary that you only eat it cooked. Rather, you can make some drinks and shakes with lemon peels. Also, the drinks of lemon peels are more refreshing and beneficial for health. Besides that, flavonoid which are available in lemon peel can reduced the risk of cancer. Because vitamin C can provide strength to the growth of white blood cells. As well as, D-limonene is a special quality of it. It protects you from stomach cancer. Because it is capable to stop the cancer cells to increase in stomach.

3- Lemon Peel can be used as Deodorant

Lemon peels can also be very helpful in eliminating body odor. If you want to make your own deodorant you just need to pick some lemon peels. Then dry these peels a little and keep store in a box or container. You can use these dry peels on your underarms after take bath. It will make you feel very good and refreshed. Also, you can make a nice body spray with lemon juice. To make a body spray, take some water and lemon juice in a spray bottle and mix it well. Then you can use this spray on your body. Also, it has no side effect and danger to use. It s completely safe for body. But keep in mind that because lemons can be spoil in hot weather so store your dried peel and spray in refrigerator. Therefore, you can save it for a long time.

4- You can Get Rid of Bugs and Insects with Lemon Peel

Lemons are a vegetable whose citrus taste drives away almost all kinds of insects. If you have a problem of insects, bugs or mosquitoes in your house, you can use lemon peels with some baking soda. This mixed powder can works as a home remedy. It can also eliminate all kinds of dangerous and extremely annoying bugs. Also, if you don’t have baking powder or any other pesticide, you can use lemon peels only. Because, just lemon peels can repel insects and bugs. Also, mosquito bites are very annoying and painful. When a mosquito bites on any part of the body, it causes severe itching. And in the case of repeated scratches, the place burns very badly. In this case, if you rub the lemon peel on this place, you will feel very calm. It will leaves great relief on your skin.

5- Reduce Cholesterol

There are many diseases that cause heart problems. The main cause of heart disease is blood pressure and high cholesterol level. If you have any problem which is related to blood pressure and fat, you can face heart diseases. Lemon peels can control cholesterol and keep cholesterol levels normal. Lemon peels contain all the nutrients that are good for the health of the human body. Also, you can use lemon peels in so many ways. You can cook it with some kind of pasta or different dishes. You can even make a powder and use it. Also, you can eat it in a salad form. As well as, there are so many delicious shakes which are made through lemon peels. Although, lemon peels are extremely beneficial in raw form but if you use it cooked, it will be more useful for cholesterol.

6- Good for Skin Problems

If you talk about skin related problems, lemon is a very good thing. It contains astringent and antimicrobial which can control acne problems in your skin. If you rub lemon peels on your skin and massage for a while, you will notice a clear difference in a few days. Also, boil lemon peels in a little water with mint. If you drink this boiled mint and lemon peels water every morning, your face may get rid of pimples and acne. As well as, lemon peels also contain some useful antioxidants. These antioxidants can detoxify your skin. If you use lemon peel three times in a week, your skin will be free from every problem. In addition, lemon peels also provide protection to your skin from wrinkles, acne, dark spots and pigmentation. So if you want to clear your skin and make it beautiful, you should use lemon peels definitely.

7- Lemon Peel can Remove Gallstones

Many people have problems with the digestive system. Also, there are so many people who have gallstones problem. If you are one of those people, who are worried about gallstones, you should definitely use lemon peels. Because lemon is a thing that is a blessing of nature. It has so many benefits which are useful for human being. Other than that, because lemon is a D-limonene vegetable so it can treat gallstones. It can also solve your problems which are related to gallbladder. According to research, lemon peels contains D-limonene and it is a treatment of gallstones. Therefore, lemon peels are the best treatment of this disease. As well as, there is no side effect of lemon peel. You can use it according to your choice and need. It will be very beneficial and provide you best results. The patients of gallstones can be use it as a remedy.

8- Can Eliminate Infections

Lemon peel contains antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties so it can treat infections. Additionally, it can also good for body wounds. If you only use its extracts, it can heal all kind of wounds and infections. Because peels of lemon can provide protection against so many bacteria. These bacteria can be harmful in case of any wound. Although, lemon peels may heal your wounds slowly but this is definitely the best treatment. This is completely struggle free remedy. Also, it doesn’t take your so much money. But if the wounds are in not so serious condition and are quite minor, they heal very quickly. On the other hand, it is capable to fight against drug resistant fungus. This fungus can be a reason of different skin infections. So the thing is, lemon peel is extremely good for skin and remove all infections.


Lemon peel contains almost every nutrient. But the amount of nutrients in her daily diet can vary. In addition, lemon peel should be used according to the age of each person. Below is the amount of each nutrient present in the lemon peel.

  • 0.3 gram Fat
  • 4.2 gram Sugar
  • 6 milligram Sodium
  • 11 gram Fiber
  • 134 milligram Calcium
  • 16 gram Carbohydrate
  • 1.5 gram Protein
  • 4 percent Iron
  • 160 milligram Potassium
  • 129 milligram Vitamin C
  • 50 IU Vitamin A


  • Lemon peel can be used as face cleaner. You can make a cleanser with some lemon peels and flour. Add some milk in this powder and apply on your face. It will give you best results and your skin will be soft and smooth.
  • You can clean your kitchen and home with the help of lemon peels. This is because lemon peels contain a lot of citric acid. This acid can remove even the hardest grease and stains. Mix one or two lemon peels in a little water and leave it for a few days. After some days, you can use this compound as a cleaner. It will be more beneficial if you add some baking soda in it.
  • Also, dry the lemon peels well and then grind them. Grind the well until make a fine powder. Then you can use it as a scrub for body. Just take 1 table spoon of lemon peel powder and add any essential oil. Then you can scrub you body with this powder. It can remove all dirt from body.
  • Another advantage of lemon peel is that you can use it to remove stains from anything. it can even remove stainless steel stains. You only need to mix lemon peel with baking soda and vinegar. Then you can remove stains very easily. Wherever there are stains, apply and leave this mixture on for a while. Then take a rough cloth and wipe off the rubbing marks. Your item will be completely clean.


  • By the way, lemon peel is not harmful at all. But if used too much, it can be harmful to the teeth. Because it contains citric acid that can damage your tooth and remove their safety shield.
  • In addition, lemon peels also have all kinds of sharp effects. So if you use a high quantity of lemon peel on your skin, your skin can be damage. It can also cause of skin cracks. Therefore, use it in a certain limit.
  • If you use lemon peel on daily basis, it can be very harmful to your health. It can harm your blood vessels and throat. Because citrus foods and things aren’t good for the throat. As well as, its citric acid is also dangerous if used too much.

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