10 Milk Health Benefits Will Make You Feel Batter

Milk Health Benefits

There are several milk health benefits due to its special nutrition. Calcium is the richest elements of milk for this reason drinking milk is best for bones and teeth. In this article, I will share some health benefits of milk that you should know before using the milk.


Milk is a good source of calcium, choline, potassium and many important nutrients that are necessary for a human body. This time, I will share few studies with that confirmed some health benefits of milk. Let’s discuss the milk health benefits.


Studies have shown that the raw milk is a good source of vitamins B, calcium and other antioxidants that are well known for a skin. The vitamin A in the milk has several skin benefits, for example, this property helps to fix the dryness and peeling skin with a division of new cells. In addition, the vitamin D in milk reduce the wrinkles and protects the skin from premature aging. Further, there are many nutrients like Vitamin B6, Biotin, Protein, and Selenium are very important for a glowing skin.


Many people ask a common question, does milk build muscles? Absolutely yes, studies have shown that milk is one of the best food on the planet the builds muscles. For this reason, building muscle is one of the milk health benefits. Surprisingly there are 20% whey and 80% casein. Both of these are high-quality proteins that help in muscle building. This is important to realize that whey protein is also known as a fast protein that breaks the amino acid and mixed in the bloodstream in a short interval. On the other hand, casein protein digested in a long time, for this reason, it continuously provides short supplies of proteins to your body. There are many health benefits of milk and muscle building is one of them. Studies have confirmed that one glass of milk provides a great amount of protein to your body.


According to a National Osteoporosis Foundation study, your body needs 1,000 – 1200 milligrams of calcium intake daily. As I have mentioned above that milk is one of the high calcium foods that helps to stronger your bones. Dr. Michael Lewiecki that works in New Mexico Clinical Research found that there is 300 milligrams calcium in small cup serving of milk. That clearly shows that you can easily maintain your daily calcium intake by drinking milk.


The majority of us believes in a myth that milk and other dairy products are rich in fat but this is totally wrong. In reality, there are many skimmed milk benefits and having low fats is one of them. Yes, you can easily lose your weight by drinking fat-free milk. There are many studies about milk that clearly shows milk health benefits and this time I am going to share the latest study that held in 2009. According to the American Dietetic Association, milk is on of the best food that helps to better the diet quality and maintaining the weight.

In case you want to lose your weight with milk then use skimmed milk. Because skimmed milk contains low calories and high nutrition then soda. On the positive side when you use milk during your weight loss project it maintains your energy that further help you in doing proper exercise.


Obviously, we cannot deny the milk health benefits but this fact will be strange for you that it lowers the stress. Milk has a protein named as lactim that helps to lower the blood pressure and reduce the stress, studies confirmed. Another protein named as casein in milk also plays an important role in stress management.


Studies tell that when your body makes some extra amount of stomach acid you face a heartburn. But you can solve this issue without taking any pills. Yes, there are several milk health benefits and relieving from heartburn is one of them. In case you experience such issue, just take few sips of skimmed milk and get rid of stomach acidity. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center skimmed milk contains special proteins that are good for healing stomach burns. This is important to realize that excessive amount of drink can lead this issue. For this reason, only sips of milk are good for this heartburn.


Improving the strength of bones and teeth are the famous benefits of milk but latest study confirmed that it also improves the memory and brain power. The latest study of International Journal observes that mental approach of adults who drink milk 5 days in a week is better than others who don’t. So use milk for the sharper mind and memory.


PMS or Premenstrual syndrome is a problem that mostly women’s experience. Studies have shown that you can reduce the risk of PMS with proper intake of Calcium and vitamin D. So reducing the risk of getting PMS is one of the milk health benefits because milk contains a high amount of calcium.


This point is associated with cow milk benefits, let’s discuss. Potassium is the best element that reduces the blood pressure and this is important to realize that cow milk is a good source of potassium. Another study found that 4069 mg daily intake of potassium 50% reduce the risk of the heart problem.


Yes, fight with that kind of cancer is one of the milk health benefits. This time I am going to discuss the latest researches that clearly shows that Vitamin D helps in cancer protection by proper regulation of cell growth. In addition, the latest research of National Cancer Institute confirmed that the proper intake of calcium lowers the risk of colorectal cancer. This is important to realize that geographically this is the highest rate of cancer. Another research has shown that proper use of dairy milk helps to reduce the risk of overall cancer.

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