14 Raisins Health Benefits Based On Studies & Researches

Raisins Health Benefits

Don’t underestimate the size of raisins because this tiny thing is full of nutrients. Raisins are tasty, delicious and health friendly as well. There are multiple health benefits of raisins due to its key nutrients. Basically, raisins came in the category of dry fruits but you will surprise to know the actual procedure of its making. Raisins produced by drying grapes, for this reason, nutrients become more strenuous. Raisins also are known as kishmish and some people say them dry grapes. In this article, we are going to discuss the raisins health benefits or you can say that the kishmish benefits.

Before starting these health benefits of raisins here is something that I want to share with you. There are different types raisins available in the market and some people treat raisins as different by their color. This time I am going to clear this misconception. The color of raisins is because of the drying process of grapes. The black raisins are dried in the sun and the brown raisins dried in the automatic drying tunnel.

Experts say that there are more health benefits of raisins as compared to grapes. This is because 1-ton of raisins produced by the 4-ton grapes. For this reason, they believe that the raisins health benefits are more than grapes. This may be a false belief because both of these are health friendly and this is not a good idea to make a comparison between them.

Without delay, I am going to share 10 amazing health benefits of raisins that will blow your mind.


Raisins are high in energy, vitamins, and minerals. There are more than 250 calories in just 100 g amount of raisins/kishmish. The raisins also contain a significant amount of polyphenol antioxidants, fiber, folic acid, carotenes, and lutein. Raisins health benefits are associated with these key nutrients. Let’s discuss the health benefits of raisins.


As a matter of fact, high blood pressure can damage your blood arteries and heart as well. Everyone knows that heart is the source that supplies blood to your body. The higher pressure in blood arteries can enlarge left heart or it may cause the failure of your heart. Raisins have an ability to lower the high blood pressure. This is because raisins are rich in polyphenols, phenolic acid, potassium, fiber, and antioxidants. These all nutrients considered good for lowering high blood pressure. According to the Chicago research, eating handful raisins a day can improve your heart health.


Studies have found that raisins are good for curing constipation. This is because raisins contain the high amount of fiber and laxative content that is amazing for constipation treatment. As a matter of fact, raisin contains insoluble fiber which considered good constipation. In like manner the tartaric acid in raisin also good for treating this problem. In case you want to get the raisins health benefits and get rid of this issue, follow this simple remedy.


  • Raisins – handful


  1. After eating your meal, take the given amount of rains.
  2. This is the best remedy of raisins for constipation.
  3. You can also consume raisins by adding them in salad, cookies or other baking items.


Anemia is one of the common blood diseases that normally cause due lack of red blood cells. Studies have discovered that anemia can treat with proper diet. The diet rich in iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12 is help to produce more red blood cells which considered good for anemia. We are talking about raisins health benefits so we should know that raisins are rich in iron and vitamin B complex. These are the key nutrients to deal anemia. The copper content in raisins also helps to produce more red blood cells, according to the latest research.


For healthy and strong bones calcium is the key element which maintains the level of bone mass. In like manner, boron is another element that is extremely important for bone health. These both nutrients are present in raisin. For this reason, you can say that improving the bone health is one of the raisins health benefits. This will be surprising for you that raisins are rich in potassium which also promote the bone health.


According to the studies, your diet and proper exercise is the key to attaining optimal eye health. Important nutrients and minerals protect your eyes from different disorders like glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. As a matter of fact, raisins are rich in Potassium which considered good for improving vision. The recommended intake of potassium for an adult is 4700mg. So you can add raisins to your diet to achieve your eye health and other health benefits of raisins.
Some antioxidant properties such as polyphenolic phytonutrients are high in raisins. These antioxidants protect your eyes from damage and also improve the vision. In addition, some essential vitamins in raisins like vitamin A and A-Caroteni0d are very important for eye health.


Studies have shown that polyphenolic antioxidants in raisins such as catechins reduce the risk of developing cancer. To get the raisins health benefits, add raisins in your diet and increase the level of such powerful antioxidants to prevent cancer.


Dealing with fever is one of the best health benefits of raisins. Fever normally caused due to different infections or diseases. This is very interesting that raisins contain some antibiotic properties such as Phenolic Phytonutrients that have an ability to fight several infections. In case you have a fever, try this simple home remedy of raisins to cure fever.


  • Raisins – 1 ounce
  • Fresh Ginger – 1 small piece
  • Water – for boiling


  1. First of all take a bowl, add water and dip raisins and ginger for one hour.
  2. After the given time boil the mixture until the half of water evaporate.
  3. Drink this water to cure fever.


Yes, raisins considered good for your skin health. As a matter of fact, raisins are rich in potassium and magnesium which lowers the blood toxicity, psoriasis and pimples production. Raisins also protect your skin from the sun and prevent your skin from skin cancer. On the positive side, the raisins are rich in vitamin A and vitamin E which increase the production of new skin cells. If you want to get the health benefits of raisins, add them in your diet.


Increasing the sex drive is one of the raisins health benefits. Raisins are good to handle sexual weakness due to their amazing nitration. According to the latest research raisins are high in amino acid such as arginine which considered good for boosting your sex drive. In case you want to improve your sexual health, here is the simple remedy of raisins.


  • Black raisins – 30g
  • Milk – 250ml


  1. Add raisins in the milk and boil. After boiling separate raisins from milk.
  2. First, Consume raisins then milk.


Important nutrients such as potassium, iron, carbohydrates, fructose and glucose are rich in raisins. These all nutrients are best for boosting energy. To getting the health benefits of raisins and stimulate energy level, add raisins in your diet.raisins health benefits INFO GRAPHICS


As we have discussed some health benefits of raisins and we know that raisins are rich in vitamin B, potassium, iron, and several antioxidants. These all nutrients are hair friendly that promotes the growth of your hairs and make them strong. Studies have discovered that vitamin A in raisins helps to retain the natural color of your hairs.


As a matter of fact directly raisins cannot reduce the weight but indirectly they really help. For losing your weight there is the simple rule that you need to keep in mind, the calorie intake must be lower than the calorie burn. We know that raisins are rich in essential nutrients that could be the part of our weight loss diet plan. According to the USDA, the daily intake of 1/2-cup raisins helps to reduce weight because of its low-calorie content.


Oleanolic acid is a petrochemical which gives complete defense cavities and tooth decay. Further, this nutrient improves the teeth brightness. On the other hand, raisins are rich in calcium which improve the strength of your teeth. In addition, the presence of boron in raisins can fight against germs.


Eating raisins can easily eliminate the acidity reflex. This is because the raisin help to digest food. If you experience heartburn then the consumption of raisins can reduce this problem. In case you don’t want to add raisins in your diet there is an alternative for you. The cinnamon and toasted raisin bread is the best remedy to relief heartburn/acid reflex.

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