Neem – How Neem is Beneficial for Skin and Body

How Neem is Beneficial

Neem leaves are extremely beneficial for health. No one can deny the usefulness of neem. Everything made from its leaves has a distinct advantage. You can use its leaves on wounds and can get amazing results.

As well as, it is a great remedy to get rid of face pimples and acne. Basically, neem is a tree that is a gift of nature. From time immemorial people have been using it to make various medicines. And to this day, people still use it to make medicine. There are so many medicines, soaps and creams which are made through neem. Everything made from it has immense benefits.

Other than that, it is used to prevent heart diseases, stomach worms, leprosy, different eye problems, bloody nose, loss of appetite, face acne or pimples, cardiovascular disease, fever and diabetes. As well as, it is also useful for liver problems.

Amazing Benefits of Neem

1- Neem can Solve Skin Problems

Neem can Solve Skin Problems

Neem is the most famous for solving skin problems. It is capable to solve every skin problem. If you have acne or pimples on your skin, it can be very useful. There are so many soaps and creams are available in market which can completely clear your skin. It will be more useful if you boil neem leave in some water and drink in the morning time. You have to use in on daily basis.

In just a few days, you will see the best results in this method. Also, there is no side effect of neem leaves. You can use it without any tension. In addition, many people have various skin problems. There are many types of infections. These infections can be very painful. If you have any such skin problem or infection and you are very worried about it, you should definitely use neem.

2- Neem can Repel Insects and Bugs

Neem can Repel Insects and Bugs

Neem oil is one of the most famous insect repellent remedies. It can kill almost all kinds of insects. Even if the insects don’t kill, they will run away definitely. In addition, it can repel mosquitoes. It will be very useful if you apply this oil on your body or spray it around you. Just take 2 to 3 drops of neem oil and rub on your hands and feet. As well as, if you want to spray it, you can mix it with water and then spray.

On the other hand, there are so many products are available which add neem to kill insects. These products are especially used for repel fleas and ticks. Along with neem oil, its leaves are also very useful. You can get rid of mosquitoes if you take some dry neem leaves and burn them and smoke it in your room.

3- It can Heal Wounds

It can Heal Wounds

Neem contains some great properties. These properties are supremely beneficial for all kind of wounds and infections. If you use its oil to heals wounds, you will get excellent results in a very short time. Also, there can some scars or wounds on the face and body of the people which do not heal even after using various medicines. Those people can use its oil to remove these scars and heals wounds.

The use of this oil makes your skin healthy. If you use it daily, your skin remain healthy and young. This amazing tree contains some antimicrobial effects. These effects provide great protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Therefore, if you have internal wounds, you can use it to heal your wounds. Because in diabetes there are many wounds. Those patients can heal their internal and external wounds if boil it in water and drink it daily.

4- Great for Hair

Great for Hair

Neem leaves have been used for centuries to enhance the beauty and shine of hair. It is a great thing for increases the length of hair in a very short time. The people whose hair are weak or not grown properly, they can use it as an excellent remedy. It helps a lot to grow hair faster provide great strength.

If you use its oil on your rough and weak hair, your hair will be very beautiful and strong. It is also very good to prevent dandruff from hair. It can make your hair super smooth and dandruff free.

Also, boil its leaves and store it in a bottle. When you wash your hair with shampoo, use this water after bath. It will provide great smoothness to your scalp and hair. When you start using it, you will get extra conditioning. Your hair will be strong and shiny than ever.

5- Best for Oral Hygiene

Best for Oral Hygiene

One of the innumerable benefits of neem is oral health. It can solve all kind of oral problems easily. Many people have a problem of bad breath. And foul-smelling breath often causes embarrassment. Such a condition can completely destroy a person’s self confidence. Neem is no less than a perfect gift for such people.

It can remove bad breath completely and provide a refreshing breath. It can be very useful if you gargle with its leaves.Making a gargle water, just boil some neem leaves with water and than add some salt in it. Also, you can use it on daily basis. It will be very beneficial. In addition, it can eliminate all kinds of infections in the mouth. There are some infections that are seasonal but very difficult to cure. If you use neem leaves to get rid of these infections, it will definitely be the best.


  • You can boil neem leaves in water and store them in any bottle. Then you can use this water on your hair to make them strong and beautiful.
  • You can use neem oil to repel insects and mosquitoes from your home. Also, you can apply neem oil directly on the spots where these insects, pests or mosquitoes are. As well as, you can mix some oil with water and make a good spray to get rid of pests and mosquitoes.
  • If you have acne and pimples on your face, neem is a very simple remedy for it. Just boil its leaves with water and drink it daily. Your face will be free from acne and pimples completely.
  • Its oil can be a great treatment to remove scars from your face. Also, it is very useful to heal wounds from body. You only need to apply its oil daily on your scars and wounds. Once to start using it, you will feel clear difference in a very few days.


  • Neem oil can be quite harmful to the eyes. If this oil gets inside the eyes, it can cause severe itching and burning. Therefore, always use it to be very carefully.
  • Also, neem is a very bitter plant. Its taste is not very favorite for many people. Due to its bitterness, it can spoil the taste of your tongue. So when you eat it or drink its juice, add a good amount of salt. Also, use it carefully otherwise it can cause vomiting.
  • The properties of the neem are very sharp and provide rapid action. Although, it can be dangerous for liver. Furthermore, it can cause brain problems and some mental diseases.

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