What are Transient Lingual Papillitis – Cause and Treatment

Transient Lingual Papillitis

What is Transient Lingual Papillitis?

Transient lingual papillitis are small size red red bumps which are found on tongue. Also, these bumps can be quite painful. Other than that, it is a very common problem which affects several fungi-form papillae on the tongue of a human being. These transient lingual papillitis are also called lie bumps. Sometimes they are not painful. But mostly these bumps are very painful. These bumps are some special kind of infection which affects on taste buds. They comes on tongue automatically and then disappear after some time. Furthermore, these bumps are temporarily and found on tip of tongue. There is nothing dangerous in these bumps. Of course they are painful but not stay too long. But as long as it lasts, it keeps men and women suffering considerably. Although no one knows the causes for this. According to studies and research, it can cause because of chronic irritation from teeth.

Other than that, transient lingual papillitis can occurs due to an optic neuritis. Sometimes, this optic neuritis associated with the development of coexistent several sclerosis. There are many foods that can cause these transient lingual papillitis. Such as any acidic diet can cause of these bumps. They may be caused by an allergic or spicy food There are so many people who afraid of these bumps. No doubt they can be uncomfortable and painful. But as they appear quickly, they automatically go without any treatment. It may bother you for a few days, but you don’t need to go to any doctor. Some people have a lot of burning and discomfort when they have these bumps. And since they are painful, eating or drinking anything is very painful. Of course, they do not require any treatment, but caution must be exercised.

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Types of Transient Lingual Papillitis

1. Eruptive Lingual Papillitis

This type of transient lingual papillitis is common in children. Also, fever is normal in this type. Babies can have a lot of discomfort in the throat and body. In children, these are mostly on the sides and tip of the tongue and can be very painful. This type can cause swollen throat glands in children which can be quite painful. The faster these bumps come, the faster they disappear. But it takes a long time for the fever and sore throat to go away. In children, these bumps cause excess saliva and the children cannot eat anything. On the other hand, when this type occurs in adults, they do not have a sore throat or a fever. Adult tongue burns severely due to these bumps. They can’t eat or drink anything for several days.

2. Papulokeratotic Lingual Papillitis

When this type occurs, many small bumps form on the tongue. Also, these bumps occur all over the tongue. There is no part of the tongue that does not have these bumps. But the best thing about this type is that the bumps that come from it are absolutely painless. Many people recover from these bumps within a few days. But there are some people whose bumps take weeks to go. And because they are painless, people do not think to do any special treatment.

3. Classic Lingual Papillitis

In this type, the tongue becomes swollen. It doesn’t matter if the bumps are on the children or the adults. The symptoms will be completely same in both kids and adults. This type affects any one specific part of the tongue. Mostly it happens on the tip of tongue. These bumps can be yellow or white. But often these bumps are red in color and cause severe pain. Most of the time these bumps do not need treatment. These automatically cure in a day or two. But it is also often the case that they do not heal for weeks and need proper treatment.


  • Burning or severe itching of the tongue
  • Small boils or tingling on the tongue
  • Frequent dry mouth or excess saliva
  • Feels trouble with eating food or drink anything
  • Everything feels tasteless or taste bitter
  • Fever and swelling of the throat glands
  • Severe body aches and illness


There can be many reasons of transient lingual papillitis. It is wrong to say that it is only happens with women. Also, it can affect both men and women. Because these bumps occurs due to some kind of bad habits. But the real causes of transient lingual papillitis are not yet known. But some expert doctors point out some of the specific reasons that may be the cause of transient lingual papillitis

  • Not cleaning and brushing teeth and tongue properly can be one reason. According to studies, the people who do not clean their teeth daily, can be a victim of these bumps.
  • In addition, some people have various dental diseases. Any dental disease causes many other infections. So when they are infectious, someone may be the cause of these transient lingual papillitis.
  • Smoking can also be a big cause of these painful bumps. The people who do smoking, have many irritations of teeth and tongue. These irritations grow and take the form of these bumps. In case of smoking, these bumps do not go away for weeks and months.
  • Our body needs a lot of vitamins. People who do not take care of their diet and do not consume every essential nutrient are more likely to experience these bumps. Because a good diet is most important for human beings. So not eating the right foods can be very harmful to health.
  • Often the stress of anything can also cause many diseases. Because stress can ruin eating and drinking routine, sleeping, waking up and many other things. Therefore, stress can be a major cause of transient lingual papillitis.
  • People who eat acidic foods are more likely to have transient lingual papillitis. Other than that, people who eat spicy foods also can be a victim of these painful bumps.

Treatments of Transient Lingual Papillitis

These bumps get cured without any treatment anyway. Also, they do not require any special treatment. There have been many investigations into this, but as no specific cause has been identified, there is no specific treatment of transient lingual papillitis. These bumps can heal on their own after a while. It takes a maximum of two or three days and it gets over. Since they heal on their own in a few days, they do not need any treatment. But since they are painful, many people want to get rid of these bumps as soon as possible. If you are also one of those people who want to get rid of transient lingual papillitis then you can try some home remedies.

Possible Treatments

  • You can use all sorts of cool things to get rid of transient lingual papillitis. Because cool things are very soothing in case of blisters and bumps etc. You can use cold drinks, ice creams and all the foods which contains cooling effects.
  • In addition, the use of milk and yogurt also causes great relief. Because after the appearance of these bumps, the tongue burns very badly. As well as, yogurt and milk is also great for tongue itching.
  • One of the treatments for these bumps is to rinse with salt water. If you take some lukewarm water and add some salt in it, then rinse your mouth with it you will feel great relief. Because salt has the power to kill bacteria, it can also eliminate these bumps.
  • If you too much problem of these bumps then your toothpaste may not be suitable for you. In that case, change your toothpaste by consulting a doctor. A good and antibacterial toothpaste can also be very helpful in removing these bumps.
  • Also, there are many medicines available in the market that can cure these bumps. But, never use any medicine without doctor’s advice. So first of all, go to a doctor and check your lie bumps. Then use the medicine according to the doctor’s advice.


These lie bumps can be very painful and annoying. If they appear on tongue, no one will be able to even eat properly. These bumps also make difficult to drink water. But there are some precautions that if you follow them, you can stay safe from these lie bumps. Because once they start coming to you, they will be very difficult to treat. Therefore, there are some things you can do to avoid these transient lingual papillitis.

  • First of all, take good care of your sleeping routine. Because when we sleep properly, our body becomes ready to face many diseases. Sleeping and waking up on time also improves hunger of a person which strengthens the immune system.
  • Never use too much spices in your food. Because, spicy foods can cause burning stomach and be a reason of these lie bumps. Also, spicy foods are extremely harmful for the internal structure of a human being. So use spicy foods very occasionally.
  • If you want to be safe from these bumps, do not smoke at all. Also, do not use alcohol. These things are very dangerous for health. Smoking and alcohol consumption weakens a person from inside and takes away the ability to fight diseases.
  • Always use a toothpaste or mouthwash according to the texture of your mouth and teeth. Because some people’s teeth are not strong enough to withstand everything. Therefore, always use toothpaste after consult with any dentist.

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