What are Blood Thinners? Some Natural Blood Thinners

Natural Blood Thinners

Blood Thinners

Blood thinner is basically a medicine for thinning blood. This medicine is capable to thin blood and facilitates its flow into the blood vessels. Because if the blood in the veins becomes too thick, it can cause various diseases. Thick blood can cause physical ailments as well as many heart diseases. On the other hand, when the blood begins to thicken excessively, clots can form in the body and in the blood vessels. On the other hand, the blood thinner protects against heart attack. Because it keeps the blood volume normal, the heart is also protected from diseases. Because the biggest cause of heart disease and attacks is improper circulation and amount of blood. Although, there are so many people who don’t want to use medicines for their treatment. Such people can try some natural blood thinners.

There are many foods that working like a natural blood thinner. Furthermore, there are some spices also available which are capable to thin blood and keep it in normal level. Also, these natural things are very cheap and can be the best treatment. Also, the things which you can use as blood thinners are usually available at home. These things are extremely beneficial for thick blood. When you use even only one thing for thin your blood, you will get quick results. Moreover, you can use turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon for this purpose. As well as, if you use vitamin E and aspirin more, your blood will be automatically thin in a very short time. You can use these things without any problem. Also, don’t take tension before using these natural things. Because, these are very old things which works as natural blood thinner.

Natural Blood Thinners

1- Cinnamon


Cinnamon is a great blood thinner. It contains coumarin which is best for thick blood. Because, coumarin is a chemical which is capable to thin blood. The best thing about cinnamon is that it is available in almost every home. As well as, the cost of cinnamon is also very cheap. Other than that, cinnamon can solve the high blood pressure problems. It is not just a spice but a powerhouse of benefits. Furthermore, it is capable to treat so many other diseases which cause by blood clots or thick blood. Of course cinnamon has many benefits but still use it to a certain extent. If you use is frequently it can be dangerous for your health. Because there is no such thing as just being useful. Rather, there can be many side effects of every thing. Therefore, use it very carefully.

2- Ginger –


Ginger is also one of the best things that can solve many health problems. If you want to use a blood thinner that has no side effects, ginger is a best option. It doesn’t contain any chemical. So you can use it freely. Other than that, there is a natural chemical which is called salicylate available in ginger. This chemical is very common in so many plants. But ginger is also very delicious to eat. On the other hand you can make many eating things from ginger. You can eat ginger after cooking or you can make some drinks and tea from ginger. It is extremely beneficial in every form. Constant use of ginger cleanses the blood vessels. When your blood is clean, it will flow very well throughout the body and you will stay healthy. The best thing about ginger is that, you can eat it on daily basis.

3- Turmeric


There are so many diseases where turmeric used as a treatment. As well as, turmeric is also used as natural blood thinner. The people who have thick blood problem or any other blood related diseases, they can use turmeric as a remedy. Furthermore, turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties which is best known for thinning blood. Other than that, turmeric provide a great property of curcumin. This property used in blood thinner medicines. So it is especially famous to thinning blood. It can even heal internal wounds easily. Moreover, it is capable to prevent blood clot in blood vessels safely. The people who consume turmeric on daily basis, remain safe from blood related diseases. Turmeric also provide protection against heart diseases. Also, you can make many dishes with turmeric and even can make tea with it. Because it is very easy to use so you can use it in every way.

4- Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne pepper comes with a lot of beneficial properties. These properties can work as a blood thinner. Every spice or food which contains salicylates is very useful for blood thinning. But despite all useful qualities, it can be quite harmful for stomach because it is very spicy. Furthermore, it is very good for blood and heart. Ir reduce blood pressure problem. As well as, it improves blood circulation. When blood circulation will be fine and blood pressure remain normal, your heart will be protected from diseases. Daily use of this pepper does not allow blood to clot in the arteries. It enables blood to flow in a smooth way. Moreover, you can buy this cayenne pepper from everywhere. But always use it in a certain limit otherwise it will be dangerous for health. Because excessive use of anything can be harmful.

5- Garlic


There are many medications that you can take to thin your blood immediately. But there are also many people who are afraid of using medicines and do not want to use them. Such people can thin their blood by using some simple household items. Garlic is a very useful thing in these things. As everyone knows about garlic, it is a very delicious vegetable. You can make so many things with it. But as well as being delicious, it has some properties that can cure many of your ailments. Furthermore, you can consume garlic in different forms. If you want to cook it, you can chopped it and then use it. Also, it is available in powdered form. Because, garlic contains natural antibiotic and antimicrobial properties which are extremely good for thinning blood. Its anti-thrombotic property works as a blood clot prevention agent.

6- Feverfew – Natural Blood Thinners


Feverfew is a plant which is extremely good to thinning blood. The people who want to thin their blood with some natural foods and spices, can use this plant freely. Also, this plant is more useful in dried form. But if dry feverfew will not available, you can use fresh leaves also. Besides to thinning the blood, it is also very good to prevent some other diseases. Such as, it is extremely good to prevent headache. It can also treat mouth problems. If you have any wounds or blisters in your mouth, you can boil it with water and gargle with it. It will be very beneficial. There are so many blood thinners are available in market. But maybe they contain some side effects. But this plant is very safe and easy to use. Moreover, it is also available in capsules form as well as liquid.

7- Walnuts and Almonds – Natural Blood Thinners

Walnuts and Almonds

Walnuts and almonds are good for thinning blood because they contains Vitamin E. Due to vitamin E, walnuts and almonds provide protection against blood clotting. Other than that, these nuts can be very good to control cholesterol level. When you cholesterol level will be normal and fine, your body will be safe from inflammation. As well as, nuts are also capable to prevent heart diseases. Also, if you have any other nuts in sight, you can use it as a blood thinner. Moreover, vitamin E is a very strong agent to thinning blood and prevent blood clotting in the blood vessels and body. So all the food that contain vitamin E, except nuts, are the best natural blood thinners. You can use any food of your choice as natural blood thinner which contains vitamin E.

8- Olive Oil

Olive Oil

This can be a very dangerous situation if the blood starts to clot in the body. This only happens when the blood becomes too thick in vessels. For this problem, there are so many different blood thinners are available in market. But if you don’t want to use these medicines, you can try some natural blood thinners. So olive oil is a great thing to thinning blood. People who consume olive oil on daily basis, they never be a victim of blood clotting. Because, it is best oil for cooking. There is no oil which is more effective than olive oil. It is also capable to protect people from blood pressure and heart ailments. This oil can be little expensive but it contains a lot of benefits and healthy properties. It thins the blood and enables it to pass smoothly through the arteries and vessels.

9- Whole Grains

Whole Grains

There are many physical ailments and problems that can be treated with whole grains. For a healthy body, whole grains are very necessary. The people who consume whole gains daily, their bodies can fight against blood and heart diseases. Probably, many people don’t know that the whole grains are capable to thin excessive thick blood. It provide great protection against blood pressure and heart ailments. And when you body will be free from blood problems and your blood flow normally in blood vessels, you will be fit and healthy. Other than that, due to a lot of vitamin E, it can prevent blood clotting. Because when you don’t take vitamin E regularly, blood clots form in the body which can be very dangerous. So consume whole grains properly and protects your body against diseases.

10- Green Leafy Vegetables

Green Leafy Vegetables

There are many vegetables that prevent blood from clotting in the arteries. All vegetables that contain vitamin E are excellent for thinning blood. Moreover, green leafy vegetables are more beneficial. Because green leafy vegetables contain a lot of vitamin E which can prevent blood clotting. If you are one of those people who consume green leafy vegetables on daily basis, remain more healthy. Green leafy vegetables provide protection against blood ailments. In addition, these vegetable works as natural blood thinners. But always use green vegetables and green leafy vegetables in moderation. Especially if you want to use these vegetables to thin the blood, first of all consult a specialist doctor. This is because these vegetables contain a lot of salt and other nutrients which can be quite harmful for human organs.

11- Grapefruit


Grapefruit is another excellent thing to treat blood problems. It contains a lot of beneficial properties which can thin the blood. It is also good for blood pressure and heart diseases. Because when blood level will be normal, your heart will works properly. Although, the taste of grapefruit is very bitter. So if you try to eat it, it can be very difficult. But if you make its juice, its must taste good enough. Also, you can add some salt in it. This clears the blood vessels and makes it easier to flow. Other than that, grapefruit can thin the blood and prevents it from clotting. On the other hand, grapefruit is also great for the skin. It removes all kinds of harmful particles from the blood and beautifies the skin.

12- Lemons – Natural Blood Thinners

Lemons – Natural Blood Thinners

There are so many citrus fruits which can be used for thinning the blood. Almost every citrus fruit is capable to thin your blood. But lemons are the best of all citrus fruits. Because the rate of sourness in lemons is very high. Other than that, lemon contains a lot of antioxidants. These antioxidants are great for the health of a human being. These are capable to reduce inflammation. Besides that, it is a perfect option to prevent blood clots and blood thinning. It provide great help to treat heart diseases. Moreover, lemon is capable to improves blood circulation. Also, you can eat lemons in so many ways. You can use its juice in so many dishes. As well as, you can make a refreshing juice with lemons and enjoy in summer seasons. Therefore, lemons can works as an excellent natural blood thinner.

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