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Cremini Mushrooms

What are Cremini Mushrooms?

Cremini mushrooms are something like nuts. These mushrooms come in two types in the market. One type is known as baby Bella Mushroom. This name is given to them when they are very small in size. But when they come to their real size, they are called portobello. These both types of mushrooms are the varieties of cremini mushrooms but known by different names due to their size. Previously these mushrooms were only grown in the cold weather. But now it is cultivated in every weather. As well as, it is cultivated indoors. A simple mushroom is usually white. While compared to a simple mushroom, this cremini mushroom is dark brown in color. Also, the mushrooms that are common in the market are very soft. You can cut or cook them easily. But this type of mushroom is quite firm.

Cremini mushrooms are very popular all over the world. There are so many dishes which made through mushrooms. There are many countries in the world where mushroom dishes are very popular. Even dishes made from mushrooms sold very expensive all over the world. Also, mushrooms are a treasure of health. Because it contains countless nutrients that are essential for a healthy life. People who eat it on a daily basis are always remain healthy. But if a person cannot eat it daily, he can use it twice a week. If eaten in moderation, they provide as much energy as meat. Because they are so delicious, you can eat them cooked with all kinds of things. Cremini mushrooms are so delicious even you can eat them in raw form.

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  1. What are Cremini Mushrooms?
  2. Some Other Names of Cremini Mushrooms
  3. Some Facts about Cremini Mushrooms
  4. Nutrition Facts
  5. Where can Buy these Cremini Mushrooms
  6. Eating Methods
  7. Health Benefits of Cremini Mushrooms
  8. Tips of using Cremini Mushrooms

Some Other Names of Cremini Mushrooms

  • Mini Bella
  • Baby Bella
  • Portobellini Mushrooms

Some Facts about Cremini Mushrooms

  • These mushrooms are very small in size. It is often can be medium in size but still smaller than a normal mushroom.
  • The color of these mushrooms is very dark brown. If you see a mushroom that is not so dark brown in color, it will either not be a cremini mushroom or will be stale.
  • The smell of a cremini mushroom is very earthy. If you don’t feel the earthy smell, it means the mushroom is not fresh.
  • The taste of cremini mushrooms is never sweet, sour or bitter. It has a very mild taste that never give bad affects on your taste buds.
  • These are round shape mushroom which are quite firm as compared to white mushrooms.

Nutrition Facts

Cremini mushroom is extremely good for the health of human beings. It some great nutrients. Also, it is best source of proteins and carbohydrates. But you can’t use it for gaining weight. Because, in cremini mushrooms, there is a very low amount of calcium, iron and vitamins. Further, it doesn’t contains any calories. Here is a list of Nutrition of cremini mushrooms.

  • 6% Vitamin B1
  • 17% Vitamin B3
  • 5% Vitamin B6
  • 3% Vitamin B12
  • 3% Protein
  • 12% Phosphorus
  • 22% Pantothenic Acid
  • 5% Folate
  • 4% Choline
  • 34% Selenium
  • 7% Potassium
  • 7% Zinc
  • 4% Manganese
  • 40% Copper

Where can Buy these Cremini Mushrooms

These cremini mushrooms are available in almost every good market. You will even find different excellent varieties of mushrooms. There are three types of mushrooms are easily available. The first one is portobello mushroom which is very good in taste. The second one is cremini mushroom that is very popular among people. The third type is white mushrooms. All these types are very tasty but cremini mushrooms are extremely beneficial for a human being. If you want to buy this cremini mushroom then maybe you have to do some struggle to get it. Because like other mushrooms they are not so easily available in the market. Also, these mushrooms are very expensive. Whenever you go to a well-reputed market, you will see a packet of mushrooms which called portobello. Because, this kind of mushrooms are available in market with the name of portobello.

Eating Methods

  • You can eat these cremini mushrooms cooked with eggs. It will provide a delicious and unique taste with eggs.
  • You can also put mushrooms in different meat dishes. The combination of meat and mushrooms is great.
  • The best dish made from mushrooms is soup. Soup made from mushrooms have a unique popularity all over the world.
  • Also, you can eat raw mushrooms if you like. Many salads made from these cremini mushrooms which are very beneficial for health.
  • There are many countries where mushroom curry is cooked. In this curry, various spices and things you can add according to your choice. You can add some veges and meat also.
  • In addition, cremini mushrooms can also eaten fried. Just fry it in a little oil and it will be ready to be eaten.

Health Benefits of Cremini Mushrooms

1. Control Blood Pressure

Control Blood Pressure

Cremini mushrooms are no less than a blessing for people with high blood pressure. People who have high blood pressure must use cremini mushroom. People with high blood pressure have been researched to see if mushrooms have any benefits. And according to research, people who eat mushrooms daily or twice a week never have high blood pressure. This type of mushroom is capable to control blood pressure due to its amazing nutrients. On the other hand, it is even better for pregnant women. It controls the blood pressure of pregnant women and prevents it from getting high. Only a little amount of cremini mushrooms can protect against high blood pressure. People who eat mushrooms have a much lower risk of high blood pressure as compared to those people who don’t eat cremini mushrooms.

2. Strengthens Immune System

Strengthens Immune System

Cremini mushrooms make the human immune system very strong. It contains some bacteria which can be very beneficial for human body. The human body is designed in such a way that it requires many things. And if you don’t provide everything your body needs, your body starts to weaken both inside and out. So if you want to keep yourself healthy, must try to use cremini mushrooms in your diet. The immune system of human being can only be strengthen with good food. When you eat good food on daily basis, your immunity also improves. Therefore, try some healthy food instead of any unhealthy food. And cremini mushrooms will be best choice for you.

3. Lower the Risk of Cancer

Lower the Risk of Cancer

According to the studies, if a person have cancer cremini mushrooms can be very useful. It can be a great treatment if used it in moderation. Because this mushroom contains some nutrients which can provide protection against ling cancer and breast cancer. People who use it daily keep protected from cancer. Because it is capable to provide strength for fight against cancer. Other than that, cremini mushroom has aromatase inhibitors. These inhibitors can block aromatase. This is a bacteria which can creates the estrogen. This estrogen produce the cells of cancer in a human body. So cremini mushroom is capable to stop this bacteria. When this bacteria will be stop, your body will be ready to fight against cancer. Therefore, must consume cremini mushroom because it can prevent cancer from your body.

4. Provide Great Energy

Provide Great Energy

There are many people who complain of weakness and lethargy. One of the main causes of weakness in the body is lack of proper nutrition. People who do not take care of their diet always feel tired and fatigue. The solution to this fatigue problem is cremini mushrooms. These mushrooms are full with nutrients. People who consume these mushrooms, feels very active and healthy. On the other hand, people who have lack of proper nutrition can be a victim of illness and fatigue. Because they contain every nutrient that helps the human body to function better. So when the body gets all the nutrients, your body will be protected from all kinds of weakness and fatigue. These mushrooms are a treasure of vitamins which can provide great energy and activeness to your body.

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Tips of using Cremini Mushrooms

  • Always buy mushrooms that are firm and dry. Also, never buy mushrooms that feels wet and slippery. Because if you take a slippery and lubricated mushroom, it is very likely that it is not fresh. Take special care that when you buy mushrooms, it smells earthy. When your mushroom smells earthy it means that your mushroom is fresh.
  • Other than that, never put mushrooms direct under the water. If the mushrooms are dirty, clean them with a damp cloth. Also, be sure to use wet clothes slowly with a light hand. Because if you rub the cloth too hard, the nutrients of mushroom can be lost. Also, use mushrooms after thoroughly cleaning the dirt of the mushroom. Because in case of dirt, mushrooms can be harmful.
  • You can use the mushrooms comfortably for up to a week after purchase. But to keep the mushrooms safe, you need to keep them in the refrigerator. Also, wrap the mushrooms well in a shopper or paper bag and store them without washing. Because this way the mushrooms will retain moisture and they will not spoil.
  • You can eat mushrooms in different ways. There are many dishes in which cremini mushrooms are used as a special ingredient. If you wish, you can eat it cooked with meat, vegetables, eggs and even cream. Every type of mushroom is extremely delicious in every way.
  • The best thing about cremini mushrooms is that they can be eaten raw. You can make different salads from them which are supremely delicious and healthy.
  • In winter, very healthy soups are made from cremini mushrooms. Although these soups are quite expensive but very beneficial and delicious. There are many countries in the world where cremini mushroom soups are sold all year round.

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